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Psychologist in Birmingham

Are you a Birmingham resident thinking of starting couples therapy or individual therapy? Dr. Glenn Good is an experienced Birmingham therapist. The decision to seek therapy either for yourself or for your relationship can be a difficult one, but Dr. Good's approach will allow you to recognize and understand your feelings, whether you are suffering from depression, or are looking to improve your relationship. Dr. Glenn Good has been in practice in Birmingham for more than 25 years and can develop a quality therapeutic relationship with you, so that you may begin to heal.

About Birmingham

Located in Oakland County, Birmingham is an affluent suburb of Detroit with a population of about 20,000. The city's street-side shopping district and upscale dining options include everything from coffee shops, high-end restaurants and theaters, including upscale clothing and furnishings stores, and it attracts visitors from throughout Metro Detroit. One of the city's main attractions for visitors is the Townsend Hotel. Known as one of the finest hotels in all of Michigan, the Townsend is the hotel of choice for many celebrities conducting work in Metro Detroit. Google even operates its Detroit offices out of Birmingham, adding to the city's reputation for high-class and high-tech.

Dr. Glenn Good has seen patients in Birmingham for more than 25 years. If you've tried therapy before but things still don't seem "finished", call (248) 646-5199 or fill out the contact form. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Frequent Comments

  • "I wish I had done this earlier."
  • "I had no idea it could be this way."
  • "This changed my life."
  • "This saved my life."
  • "I had no idea everything could fit together so clearly."
  • "I tried this before, and thought that's as good as it could get."