Dr. Good is currently seeing individuals and couples in his office following CDC guidelines. See "new patients" page for details.
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In Seeking Help From A Psychologist

The most important thing to know...

is that you can only heal, grow and resolve your conflicts in a relationship. In couple’s therapy, the psychologist can help you and your partner to heal each other. In individual psychotherapy, it is the relationship between you and your psychologist that heals. No matter what the problem, or the therapeutic approach, it is always the quality of the relationship that determines the outcome of therapy.

Develop A Healing Relationship

As a psychologist I work with individuals in psychotherapy and with couples in conjoint therapy to develop healing relationships. Call me if you would like to meet. There is no fee for an initial consultation.

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Our marriage is failing. Is it me, my partner, both of us? How do we know? Click Here

Why can’t I feel closer to those I love?
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What Patients Say

  • “I wish I had done this earlier.”
  • “I had no idea it could be this way.”
  • “I had no idea everything could fit together so clearly.”
  • “I tried this before, and thought that’s as good as it could get.”
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