Dr. Good is currently seeing individuals and couples in his office following CDC guidelines. See "new patients" page for details.

Services for Professional Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors

Dr Good provides seminars, workshops, and consultations on the diagnosis and treatment of couples which include:

  • How to determine when couples therapy or individual therapy or some
    other modality is treatment of choice.
  • How to determine if the relationship or one or both individuals are the
    presenting patient.
  • How to structure a couples session.
  • How to help a couple to develop the capacity to their own healing resource.

What Colleagues Say

  • “Dr. Good is a knowledgeable and gifted clinician who is articulate in both theory and technique.
  • “[Dr. Good] created a stimulating and productive learning environment."
  • "[The course] has affected my growth as a therapist."
  • "[He provides]...a great mix of experience and education."
  • "I learned a great deal in how to differentiate relational vs. individual treatment needs."